Basic Skills Videos

BBKA Basic Exam Videos
This area contains information to help Year 2 trainees prepare for the BBKA Basic Assessment, but are also useful for any beekeeper.

These videos are copyright of the BBKA and come from their Novice level “Course in a Case”. They should be particularly useful for anyone looking to take the BBKA Basic Assessment. Please do not distribute elsewhere outside the Fleet BKA.

Guard Bees – How groups of workers protect the hive from unwanted intruders.

Assembling frames – Both Brood and Super.

Shaking bees from frames – How to remove bees from brood combs when inspecting a colony.

Hive tools – Different types of hive tools and how to use them.

Using smokers – How to prepare and use your smoker when working your bees.

Identifying different types of bees – A description of workers, drones and Queens.