Heather Honey

Our county association (HBA) is privileged to have an arrangement with the New Forest management allowing us to take hives to selected sites between July and October.  We have about 20 sites to choose from, some inevitably are better than others and they vary from year to year depending on the management work that has been done during the year.

The benefits to beekeepers are that some wonderful honey is gathered and that brood chambers are filled – a good way to start winter.

Cost is about £5 a hive plus a repayable deposit of £20 for a New Forest site key.

Strong and healthy colonies, free of disease with lots of capped brood that will be ready to produce a young and energetic work force on site are needed.

Old hands know the drill but if you are newish beekeeper and think you want to try your hand at this end-of-season activity, please get in touch with me before June 2017 sending your contact details to me (details below) including your email address as most of the business is done by email.

Jim Stuart

Pear Tree Cottage, Upper Clatford, Andover, Hampshire SP11 7QL

Email: pearity@lemonia.org

Phone: 01264 323185

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