Items For Sale

Two polystyrene Langstroth hives of the same type as in the club apiary and painted green. Each with a floor, a brood box, a queen excluder, two supers and a roof. £60 each.

Another Langstroth hive with floor and brood chamber screwed together/2 supers and a roof – all held with clips. £40

1 polynuc box – £25

1 polynuc box £15

2 feeders – £5 each

3 smokers – £10 each

Hive tools – £5 each

Miscellaneous bits and pieces such as bee brush, queen catcher, queen catcher,  porter bee escapes

Plastic 2 frame manual honey extractor with 10l litre bucket with lid and honey gate, strainer, and decapping knife – £90

Sheriff Apiarist Beesuit in very good condition – £100

Contact Geoff Scrutton ( for more details