BBKA Spring Convention 2021

The BBKA Spring Convention is one of the most prestigious beekeeping events in the UK which attracts some excellent speakers, and this year, it’s being held online so is accessible to anyone with a computer. There are three days of talks with something for everyone (beginner to very experienced). It starts with a welcome/opening at 7:30PM on Thursday 15th April from BBKA Patron Jimmy Docherty, followed by keynote address by Dr David Aston, past BBKA Chair). Lectures, etc., start on Friday at 10:15 AM. You’ll need to register, and at £10 (in advance – £12 otherwise) for full access to all talks and recordings, this is a bargain for access to a vast range of interesting and educational information delivered by famous and world-renowned beekeepers and academics.

  • The lecture schedule is attached and much more information is here: including speaker biographies.
  • Social events planned include ‘Locked Down’ with Bill Turnbull on Friday evening and the Jimmy Doherty Interviews, plus the Bees-A-Buzzing quiz final, on Saturday.
  • And there’s a virtual Trade show (hopefully with lots of bargains – but be warned: it’s so easy to get carried away!)

Time, cost and distance can be a barrier to attending these big events, but as it’s so much more accessible this year, I urge all beekeepers to look at what’s on offer and attend at least a few of the talks.

To Register, click here (

I’m certain that you’ll both enjoy it and learn a lot.

James Donaldson

Hon Secretary – Fleet & District Beekeepers’ Association