Basic Assessments 2018

Fleet has an enviable record in training new beekeepers – over the last few years, we’ve taken around 20 people on our Beginners’ course each year.  (and we currently have only three places left on the 2018 course – which starts on 28th March – over four weeks away).
Many of our students go on to take the BBKA Basic assessment a year or two (sometimes longer) after taking the course and for many years, all our candidates have passed (almost all with Credit). Also, for many years, Fleet has had more successful candidates than any other association in Hampshire and our examiner has complimented us on how knowledgeable and well prepared our candidates have been.
If you’re considering taking the Basic Assessment this year, please come and join our ‘Class of 2017′ on the Improvers’ Course on 28 Feb, 7 & 14 March at the Willis Hall (next to the Memorial Hall), Sandy Lane – this is an essential part of our training and teaches things that every responsible beekeeper needs to know; it covers in detail, amongst other things, swarm control and disease prevention – and as well as teaching those parts of the Basic syllabus, will make you a better beekeeper. It will help you maintain your bees in good health and could reduce your bee losses due to swarming.
Later in the year, we’ll invite members to apply to take the Basic assessment; we’ll provide a partially-filled application form; please don’t use the form on the BBKA website; as it needs additional local details that we will pre-fill – if you don’t use the one we provide – it will cause us extra work.
To give you the best chance of passing, please take advantage of the opportunities we offer to help you get ready – it’s important that you’ve seen the syllabus and know where you need to brush up. It’s great to get favourable comments from the assessor – but it’s more important that you know what to do to be a good beekeeper – so please take advantage of the extra lessons.
We are expecting the Class of 2017 to attend the Improvers’ lessons, and welcome all others who want to take the Basic this year or brush up on their knowledge.