Extractor hire

Association honey extractors

We are very fortunate to have two motorised 9-frame radial honey extractors, a hand cranked tangential extractor and a heather honey press available for hire by Registered association members. The extractors are in very high demand at peak times times of the year so to make best use and keep waiting times as low as possible we have formulated some simple guidelines to which all hirers must agree.

Please read the guidelines below, and the extractor advice and cleaning instructions (next page – at link), where a “request to hire” form can be found.

  1. SAFETY FIRST: Members MUST have attended an extraction demonstration (last one on 8th June 2023) or find an experienced person to help them extract if wanting to use a motorised extractor. Extraction can be a hazardous process and if done incorrectly or carelessly, can hurt the operator and/or damage the machine.
  2. The hire charge for an extractor is £10 PER MEMBER for the year. If more than one person uses the extractor in a single hire session, each person must pay but subsequent hires are included in the initial fee.
  3. Payment: Log in to our membership system, Webcollect click ‘Browse subscriptions’ and purchase the ‘Extractor Hire’ subscription. Pay by direct debit if possible. DO NOT pay at the shop – this complicates the process.
  4. We want to make sure that in times of high demand when when we have a waiting list, an extractor is not sitting idle in someone’s home when someone else could be using it. Most extractions (even from many supers) can be carried out in a 24 hour period. The process must be well planned but is not difficult to achieve. We consider the ‘normal’ hire period to be one day (e.g. pick up in the evening, return/pass on 24 hours later). If you need the extractor for two days or longer, this will be possible but you may be on the waiting list a little longer – mid week is usually better for longer hires.
  5. The hirer is responsible for collection and return of the extractor to the FBKA shop (or transfer/collection to another member), although it’s unlikely that you will have to both collect and return it. We will try and arrange that it passes from member to member without the need to be returned to the shop after each hire.
  6. On collection, the hirer must ensure that the extractor is in good condition, properly assembled and clean. The extractor will have been thoroughly cleaned by the previous hirer, but before using it, you are advised to check. Please let us know if you are concerned about the extractor’s condition or cleanliness on collection.
  7. After use, you must clean the extractor thoroughly before returning.
  8. If the extractor sustains damage whilst in your care, you must report this to us immediately and not attempt to use or repair it without agreement. You will be responsible for repair costs which do not arise from normal wear and tear.
  9. You must not attempt to dismantle any electrical part or the extractor (plug, speed controller or motor) or remove the frame cage from its central spindle.
  10. You must let us know both when you receive and pass on an extractor – to allow us to keep track of its location.
  11. It may be convenient if you could keep the extractor for a few days immediately after your hire if not required by another member – if you cannot store it, you must agree to move it to the next person or return it to the shop (or as otherwise instructed) or your hire is likely to be delayed.
  12. You must follow the extractor advice and cleaning instructions (request form is on this page)