Items For Sale

If FBKA members have surplus equipment they’d like to offer for sale, please read on then send a message using the link below. 

Conditions and Guidelines: 

Please prepare an advert, list the items you have, and the prices for each (or for a job lot); make this simple to read and to present on the page, be realistic in what you ask (what you might get for second-hand equipment) and take the condition into account.

All items must be clean – no old comb; honey bee colonies must be free from disease, and preferably on brood comb in its first or second season.

No commercial sales – spare/surplus items only.

Make sure you explicity give your permission to use your contact details (name and/or email and/or phone number) in the ad – this may be visible to everyone on the internet (if you don’t want this potential publicity – please find another way to dispose of your equipment).

All transactions will be conducted entirely between seller and buyer – Fleet Beekeepers Association does not warrant, endorse or recommend any item which appears on these pages and will not arbitrate in any dispute – please make sure you are content to transact before you buy/sell anything.

All adverts will be posted to our timetable – not yours. All the people who run this are busy volunteers. The ad will be date stamped and remain for up for two weeks. You may request removal of the ad, but please don’t provide partial updates (additions, removals, price changes) etc., they are unlikely to be actioned

We will not accept any responsibility for errors or omissions in any posted advert and the Association Secretary’s decision on any aspect of any advert (including timing, content and removal), will be final.

Please confirm that you agree to these conditions and guidelines in your request – if you don’t you’ll be referred back to this page.

Send us your advert