Items For Sale

Very Important: this page is provided for the benefit of our Full members (i.e. Registered, Partner and Junior).  The descriptions of all items offered for sale in the links below are provided by the sellers.  The Association accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any items advertised and will not get involved or arbitrate in the event of any disagreements or disputes relating to any transactions advertised here. The buyer and seller accept full responsibility for all transactions – if in doubt, don’t buy/sell.

Buyers: (particularly beginners) please do not purchase bees until you are ready and know how to look after them, or have the support of a competent mentor/beekeeper, a suitable apiary and all the necessary equipment (if you don’t now what this is, you’re not ready).

Sellers: make sure that all equipment is clean and sterilised prior to sale. If selling colonies/nucs: unless you are certain of a potential purchaser’s ability to care for bees (or if a buyer is a member), please seek clarification via this link before making a sale.

Sellers and buyers should read the BBKA guide to Buying & Selling Bees and follow the advice provided. Ideally, the colony will conform to the specification given on the second page. Any shortfall in the colony/nuc should be made very clear to the purchaser and under no circumstances should should an unhealthy or failing colony be sold.

Beekeeping Equipment (BS National Hives) & 2 overwintered colonies

Frames & Smoker

Meon Valley Beekeeping Auction; 20 May 

If you’d like to list any surplus equipment for sale on this page, please get in touch via this link