COVID Ext Hire

Covid-19 Precautions

Please give thorough consideration to all government advice and use common sense in the collection, operation and handing on of the extractors.

Wherever possible the extractor is to be handed on directly to the next user, not returned to the shop between users. This may require you to store the extractor for a little while.

The ideal is that the one user should deliver the extractor to the next but we recognise that individual circumstances may not always allow this.

The usual guidelines for extractor use forbid using cleaning products. This is principally to avoid contamination of the harvest. In current circumstances you may consider it appropriate to use cleaning products on the parts of the extractor which are routinely touched. Think carefully and make sure the products are appropriate for the parts you are cleaning and don’t get the motor wet. When you receive the extractor bear in mind that the previous user may have used cleaning products and be assiduous with rinsing before use to make 100% sure your harvest is not contaminated.

The cover is difficult to disinfect and so is not being used this season.

Payment: Please log in to our membership system, Webcollect click ‘Browse subscriptions’ and purchase the ‘Extractor Hire’ subscription. Please pay by direct debit if possible. You can also pay by bank transfer and cheque.

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