Asian Hornet – credible sighting near Farnham

Update 21/10/19: No confirmed sightings reported – likely false alarm. But please remain vigilant.

On Monday, 7th October 2019 a credible sighting of an Asian hornet was reported in The Sands, Farnham – just five miles from Fleet. The Farnham BKA AHAT will be monitoring a bait station there from today.

Please be vigilant and report any sightings to preferably with a photo (these insects move very fast). If possible please use the Asian Hornet App to aid identification and reporting.

Also please watch any late nectar sources such as ivy, where the hornets could be feeding on the nectar or on other insects there.

We will keep you in touch with developments by updates to this page. Please be vigilant – a nest was recently found in Christchurch Dorset due to speedy reporting and subsequently destroyed.

If you require any assistance, please contact or Colin Lethbridge, Fleet’s AHAT Coordinator on 07950751244.

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