Emily Returns

Emily’s back from her first year at Uni, and the weather stopped another training session happening Saturday, so Sunday afternoon, we both went to the Apiary to check out our two hives.

The first hive is doing so well, we’ve now put the 3rd Super on top.  We checked through the Brood box, and there were a good 6 frames of laying, capped and uncapped brood plus eggs.  Lots of forage in the brood box at the sides, too, but both Supers were nearly full, so a 3rd should help keep them happy.

The only concern was that some of the brood capping was so flat it almost looked concave, which would be a sign of disease, but I think it’s just well trod.

The 2nd hive was looking strong, with plenty of laying too, but the signs of chalk brood are still there.  No building going on much in the Super, so we put a Feeder on top, with over a litre of syrup in.  After warnings about starvation due to the on-again-off-again weather, better to be safe with them.  The picture above is of the really art deco building these ladies seem to prefer.

I’m off the next two weekends, so if anyone checks into these hives in that time, it won’t be me.

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