The bees know best…

So today we went to have a quick check on the colonies in the main apiary to make sure they were OK after the recent stormy weather here in Hampshire.

We had previously reduced the hive entrances on the main hives down to about 2″ wide to make it easier for the falling numbers of bees in the colony to protect themselves from potential attack by wasps or hornets. However the Nuc box was particularly full of bees and seemed very busy so we left the 4″ wide entrance as it was.

Bees blocking up the hive entrance

It seems the bees had other ideas though, as during the week we were away, the bees have started to block up the entrance to their hive with a mixture ofpropolis and beeswax.  It’s been very cold today, so we were not expecting to see many flyers, but you can just see the head of a guard bee in the middle of the hive entrance checking that everything is OK.  Used my £4.99 eBay stethoscope on the outside of the Nuc and heard a satisfying, low-level hum from both this colony and all the other hives in the apiary, so I know they are OK so far, but I feel its going to be a long winter…..

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